Dog Walking Services

All dogs can benefit from a daily walk. Some dogs even more than others. Our dog walking services are perfect for you if you’ve got a dog that could use a little more exercise and mental stimulation. It could also be a great option if you are at work long hours during the day. If your dog has been showing negative behaviors, getting a little more exercise can often decrease, or eliminate, the anxiety and stress that lead to the unwanted behaviors.


Potty BreakĀ Visits

This service is designed to provide a solution to a specific problem. You live in the East Bay areĀ , and your big problem is that your dog is left alone for long hours during the day while you’re at work. Your dog gets exercise when you get home, but has no way to go outside for the time you can’t be there. For these clients, we provide a quick potty break service for your dog. In the middle of the day, during a window of time you’ve chosen, we will come to your house or apartment to provide your dog an opportunity for bathroom relief. If you are gone in the middle of the day for more than 8 hours, your dog will certainly thank you.

This doesn’t have to be a regularly scheduled visit either. If you are sometimes unable to get home on certain occasions, due to work, traffic, or some type of emergency, we provide on-call potty relief service too, all for less than any standard dog walking service in the area.

Private Walks

We can also provide a solo walk around the neighborhood for your dog(s), either 30 minutes or 60 minutes outside.

For a slightly cheaper alternative, we offer group dog walking. If you have a neighbor or just a friend who lives nearby who also has a dog in need of walks mid-day, you can get a group discount by having your dogs walked together. Three dogs at the same time? Even bigger discount for each person!

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