Pet Sitting Services in the East Bay Area

It can be hard leaving your pet behind when you go on vacation. Have you ever used a Pet Sitting service? Leave your dogs and beloved pets at home where they are the most comfortable. Hire a East Bay Dog Walkers professional pet sitter and breathe easy!

pet sitting

Kayla is relaxing after her walk.

We have experience with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, reptiles, and any other household pets you can think of! We make sure that your pets get fed properly,  have plenty of clean drinking water, and get the attention they miss in your absence. We recommend multiple visits per day depending on your situation. Each visit will be between 30 and 45 minutes long.  We can provide you updates as requested.

Pet sitting for dogs will include being let out into your back yard or taken on a walk. All waste will be picked up and disposed of properly. Does your dog need daily medications? Don’t worry. We are able to administer any oral or injected medications as prescribed by your veterinarian.

Pet sitting for cats will include play time and litter box cleaning as well as food and water. Medications can also be administered if needed for no additional charge.

Other vacation services are included like picking up your mail, watering your plants, putting the garbage cans out, etc. We aim to make sure your first day back home is stress-free.

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Clients of East Bay Dog Walkers enjoy our an easy to use online scheduling system. As a client you can view your schedule, request services, update your info, view your billing history and more! Hit the yellow button below to create your EBDW Online account.

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